Design Your Life

Design You Life was born from my core belief that you are the designer of your life. In its simplest form, a design is a plan, an intention, an outline with a purpose on how you envision your life. Yes, life will throw obstacles your way, but you have more control than you think. I have spent my entire life planning, researching and just generally digging into products, topics, experiences and major decisions around travel, fitness, parenting and life so that I can make informed decisions and create the outline for the experience and life that I want. DYL is my platform to share my findings with you. Mom to three, wife to one, travel and fitness enthusiast, planner to the max, if you consider yourself in any of these buckets then stick around because this blog is for you.


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The Disclaimer

Before I get things going I would like to take some time to make a few important acknowledgements. While I firmly believe that we are the designers of our own lives, I fully recognize that my journey